UX / UI project H

StoryPort - APP version

The Challenge:

To reimagine coastal folklore stories for today's audience. Maritime heritage belongs to the rich historical coastal zones, land & seascapes containing tangible and intangible artefacts. We are all familiar with tangible artefacts like buildings and objects that can be viewed and assessed and placed in a historical context. However intangible artefacts like folk stories, songs and poems are oral histories that provide first-hand evidence of the past, giving a voice to those people excluded from traditional historical records, bringing new perspectives and challenging our view of the past and filling in gaps in our historical evidence with the result of securing a history at risk and enjoying the rich tapestry of oral Irish heritage.

The Solution: StoryPort

StoryPort is a mobile application showcasing coastal folklore in context. Oral history and multiple functions is is invaluable to our identity and culture. Oral history can fill in the voids in historical evidence and secure history at risk. It can offer new perspectives and challenge us as a collective. It provides a voice often excluded from traditional historical records. The recording and performing of oral history documents traditions and ideas with subtle variations. It also contributes to the preservation of historical evidence and secures history at risk. StoryPort allows the public to reconnect with our oral heritage in its original context.

How the design can be used: We believe that designing a digital folklore performance space that builds awareness of maritime heritage will increase awareness of the importance of maritime heritage and sustainability among the general public. We know this to be true because the heritage council of Ireland has identified this as an area that is not sufficiently documented or appreciated and it has proposed that “encouraging and facilitating collections of folklore and stories associated with maritime vernacular structures and artefacts at both county and regional levels”. Heritage council p.14, (2006)

StoryPort Is a Mobile Application for oral coastal folklore, ie song, music, and stories that are collected and geo-located beyond the foreshore. AR elements in live view mode mark their position at sea. Walking trails are created parallel to the shore where the AR media elements exist. A user starts the trail and points their mobile phone out to sea. An AR media icon appears and the user clicks on it to play the oral media. They listen and enjoy, and appreciate its context. After it finishes they move on to the next story point on the trail. There is an accessibility option focused on the trails. We will offer 3 trails per story port. 1st trail will be located in a wheelchair-accessible harbour environment. The Second trail can be walked or hiked or done in a car. The Third trail is a coastal hike. We envisage the 3td trail starting off for a car park and if inaccessible by wheelchair the user can still play AR media elements in plan view mode while still being onsite.

Usabilty: Physical & Digital

The App can be used by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability. The UI and interaction experience is designed with usability Heuristics at its core. The system is designed to be visible, and to offer freedoms of defaults and undo. Error prevention, flexibility machining advanced tasks fluid and efficient. Error recovery, mapping metaphors, consistency, recognition, making information easy to get at. Minimalism is a key component only providing necessary information and a help facility..no question is a silly question.

User Journey Two:

Discover the story ports of Ireland.

User Journey Three:

Video showreels of Fishermens telling their folkstories.