UX / UI project I

MyCar / DApp

The Challenge:

To reimagine a Vehicle Log Book in a new web-based format and re-design it for a web-based platform using appropriate technologies that reduces fraud.

The Solution:

Currently The National Vehicle and Driver FILE (NVDF) Database contains details of all registered vehicles and driver details in Ireland. The vehicle and driver records are updated on renewal of the following: 1. motor tax, 2. driving licence, 3. driver change of address,4. change of vehicle ownership. We have identified additional details that would improve the completeness of the file. - These are: 1. Penalty Points - administered by the RSA, 2. Insurance Details - Administered Privately,3. NCT: National Car Testing Certs -Privately, 4. Service History- Privately maintained, 5 Vehicle Destructions AKA Insurance Write-Offs. End of Life Vehicles. The proposed The National Vehicle and Driver DAPP (NVDF) would include the five sections. Provider Benefits - Car dealers and Private Sellers. 1. Reduce car Insurance fraud, 2. The distributed ledger technology blockchain could be used to put an end to car clocking. 3. Increasing Accessibility and securitisation of the history of a car.

Summary: By decentralising all the above sections, into one blockchain ledger. The car’s history becomes immutable and is less likely to be involved in fraud. Each log would be a unique digital repository containing ownership, tax, insurance, NCT & maintenance information readings that manufacturers, dealers and workshops can input separately.

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